Interlude: Two Brothers (flashback)


Dresghar              Court minstrel
Thyrulnë the Fair      His sister, sorceress
Prince Aerenion        Second son of the Queen
Shellethnir Queen of the Dark Elves
Crown Prince Aerenthir First son of the Queen
Alrune His daughter
Wilwë the Elder Battlemage and advisor to the Queen

My entry for the “Monarchic Minifigures” category of Brickscalibur 2021 : Queen Shellethnir of the Dark Elves and her relatives.

Once upon a time, in this very land we live in, there was a Queen.  
Queen Shellethnir, as she was called, had been widowed at a young age – losing her King to a sudden apoplexy stroke only two years after their wedding.  

Shortly before her widowhood, the Queen had given birth to two sons. Twins, but as different as siblings could be. 
Aerenthir was born first, and first he was in everything. A bright and fair child, the pride and joy of the Queen’s court.  
Aerenion was born second, unexpected even by his own mother. A shy and silent child, hidden in the shadow of his brother.  

While their mother ruled the kingdom with an iron fist in a glove of the same metal, the two princes grew up under the thumb of a most renowned tutor, Wilwë the Elder. A battlemage, a veteran of most – if not all – the wars the kingdom had known before.  
And also, incidentally, my father. 

But that’s not what matters.  

What matters is that Aerenthir became a brilliant tactician and a ruthless conqueror, the perfect crown prince his mother had hoped for. And that he soon married the fairest maiden of the court: my sister Thyrulnë, proud offspring from a long lineage of sorcerers and a mighty sorceress herself. 

Meanwhile, Aerenion stood behind the scene, finding serenity in study and solitude.  

The court rejoiced when Thyrulnë gave birth to a little girl, for the child would be as bright and fair as her parents. 
But when the kid grew up, it became obvious that she was as shy, as silent, and as solitary as her uncle Aerenion. 

Murmurs and rumours spread across the court.  
Aerenthir chose to flee. He threw himself headlong into military campaigns, marching even on neighbouring countries he used to see as allies.  
Thyrulnë chose to fight. She threw herself headlong into arcane studies, morphing her bitterness into dreadful weapons against the courtiers she used to see as friends.  

The harm had been done, and the halcyon days were over.  
The crown prince never came back from war. Neither did my father. 
And while my sister held on, the Queen as for her sank into despair. Soon after the funerals of her favourite son and her most trusted friend, she abdicated. 
And disappeared. 

That’s how Aerenion the Unexpected was crowned King. 
That’s also how I ended up taking care of a little girl, my niece Alrune, and how our story began… 

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